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Allegheny Man

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Home page for Rural America's GREEN hero!
from award winning comicbook artist & writer Tim Corrigan!


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   Welcome to the official ALLEGHENY MAN website!
   ALLEGHENY MAN is a syndicated newspaper comic strip like no other. Herein you will find a hero who only has powers in the Allegheny Mountain and Allegheny Plateau region of the United States. The strip largely appears in those states whose borders contain the Allegheny region - New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia - although the strip is certainly available to newspapers outside the region. We feel the adventures of Allegheny Man will be of interest to any readers of a small town or rural newspaper anywhere in the USA.
   If you want to read a synopsis of the storyline as it will appear in newspapers, go to OUR STORY THUS FAR. There are also many samples of the art, exactly as it will appear in newspapers, found on this page.  If you want to learn more about Tim Corrigan, the creator of  Allegheny Man, go to TIM CORRIGAN PROFILE.  If you are interested in Allegheny Man merchandise, go to MERCHANDISE.  If you're curious about other comics created by Tim Corrigan, go to OTHER COMICS.
   If you are a newspaper editor and you are interested in running ALLEGHENY MAN in your publication, go to NEWSPAPER SYNDICATION. Everything you need to know is posted there, including shipping dates. For current rates per episodes email:
   And we've added a FAN PAGE!  This is where we will post letters from readers, and we are especially interested in posting drawings of ALLEGHENY MAN from any budding young artists out there! This is a fun page where I can communicate directly with the readers and fans!
   The ALLEGHENY MAN comics feature is structured to run on a weekly basis. It is presented in a format about the size of an editorial cartoon.
Read the weekly adventures of ALLEGHENY MAN in:
And we are now selling pages of the ORIGINAL ART to the ALLEGHENY MAN comic strip! You can now own a real slice of the Allegheny region's history! Just inquire about which episode you're interested in from: Episodes #2-52 are all available!




    I've lived in Allegany County, New York, for the last 25 years, and I've been a lifelong comics creator and collector. It seemed a natural choice to combine these two factors into something people would enjoy reading and I would enjoy producing.
   It occured to me that in the mainstream comics, all of the heroes have their adventures in the cities. There were no rural heroes! The same can be said for network TV. Rural America is hardly represented at all in primetime shows. It's as if we don't exist out here in the sticks! Rural people have causes and concerns and I set out to create a hero who could speak for us and champion our concerns - many of which are environmental.
   I love living in the country. I love the land, the open spaces, the peace and quiet, the easy access to hunting and fishing. You can't live in a place like Allegany County, New York, without falling in love with the area. It's safe and sane out here in the country and that lifestyle needs to be protected and defended. I raised my kids here, and I expect them to be able to raise theirs in the same safe, clean environment.
   I spent several months going through various costume and logo designs. Next I plotted out Allegheny Man's basic personality and those of the supporting characters. I designed a few eco-villians to pit him against, and then it was time to start interacting this cast of characters and placing them in situations readers would relate to and find exciting. More than anything, ALLEGHENY MAN had to be fun to read, but it also had to resonate with rural Americans.
   While most comics are aimed at the "youth market" ALLEGHENY MAN is a little more sophisticated than that. Adults will enjoy these adventures as well as kids, and I especially hope this will encourage kids to read the newspaper.
   Newspaper syndication seemed like the best way to get this new hero out in front of the public eye. Newspapers reach far more people than traditional comicbooks these days, and mainstream comics are distributed almost exclusively through comics specialty shops. I'm trying to reach a broader audience than established comics fans. ALLEGHENY MAN is for everybody who cares about the environment and rural living.
   ALLEGHENY MAN'S powers do not extend beyond the Allegheny Mountains and Allegheny Plateau region of the United States. Beyond that stretch of real estate that extends from New York to West Virginia, Jason Hunter is just an ordinary man! His hyper powers only function within a certain geographical boundary. This is unique in the world of costumed heroes, and it gives ALLEGHENY MAN  a high regional appeal. But the STORIES are not powerless beyond the Allegheny region. These stories have something to say to rural Americans - wherever they may be!
   And as we all know, in real life, heroes are all just ordinary people anyway!

Rural America's GREEN hero!