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Above are shown the covers to 3 graphic novel collections of classic material you will enjoy. MIGHTYGUY-THE VINTAGE COLLECTION features 200 pages of the funniest comics you'll ever read. All the classic tales from the 1980's direct market series are here, including the Origin story reprinted from the rare Mightyguy #1. Squarebound, full color cover. Only $16.95 plus $3.oo shipping.
  MIGHTYGUY-SUMMER FUN SPECTACULAR! 100  more pages of lunacy featuring America's favorite bumbling hero! Two stories reprinted from the monthly title TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS & STORIES (see below), plus several new stories not available anywhere else. squarebound, color cover, $8.95 plus $2.oo shipping.
   and THE BEST OF FRED'N'MARVIN (volume 1) - The fictional publishers of MIGHTYGUY have had many wacky adventures themselves! Here's a 100-page collection of their most hilarious adventures! Squarebound, color cover, only $8.95 plus $2.oo shipping.
   Below you'll find the cover to the first l5 issues of TIM CORRIGAN'S COMICS & STORIES,  one of the hottest small press comics around. Until recently these were presented in very limited editions and circulated almost exclusively to other artists and writers in the comics field. Now I am making them available to the general public.
   Every issue features the continuing adventures of MIGHTYGUY and all the zany characters who inhabit his hometown of Smeltsville! This little digest comic has recieved rave reviews all over the place, and now it's available to you for only $1.50 per issue postage paid. And you can subscribe and recieve each new issue hot off the press every month for only $18.00 for the next 12 issues. Don't miss a single issue!
   Order from: Tim Corrigan
                        10545 Co. Rt. 15, Fillmore NY 14735
   New issues covers will be posted here as soon as they are published!

  Also just released - The first TCC&S GIANT SIZE SPECIAL! 36  full pages featuring every single character in the Mightyguy Universe! Only $3.oo plus $1.oo shipping.



Rural America's GREEN hero!