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Allegheny Man

Newspaper Syndication

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Newspaper Syndication

   EPISODES #52 - 104 WILL SHIP DURING 2009!
They ship every six weeks in packages of 6 episodes. If your newspaper wishes to carry ALLEGHENY MAN contact:
We will begin your account with the very next package of 6 episodes!


     Allegheny Man episodes are presented in an 8-panel format as shown above. They are shipped to newspapers 6 at a time every 6 weeks just like clockwork!
 How to order ALLEGHENY MAN for your newspaper
 ALLEGHENY MAN episodes will ship in incriments of 6 and newspapers will be billed for 6 episodes at the time of shipping. An invoice will be included with each package.
   For full payment details, email:
All checks should be made payable to: Tim Corrigan
                                             mail to:   New Voice Media
                                                            10545 Co. Rt l5
                                                            Fillmore NY 14735
Be sure to leave full contact information:
Editors name________________________
Name of newspaper_____________________
ship to the attention of_________________________
Mailing address_____________________________________
email address_______________________________________
phone number____________________________________
fax number_______________________________________
      enclosed by check or money order.
PRINT OUT THIS FORM AND SEND IT TO:  Tim Corrigan, 10545 Co. Rt. 15, Fillmore NY 14735
email to:

Rural America's GREEN hero!