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Allegheny Man

Merchandise, Prints & Original Art!

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Merchandise, Prints & Original Art!
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          We have just released a series of FULL COLOR 11X17 PRINTS  of the first 3 episodes of ALLEGHENY MAN. The are SIGNED  limited edition prints! There will only be 100 of each printed, and they will never be reprinted in this format again! A guaranteed collectors item! They will be mailed matted and flat on a first come-first serve basis - when they are gone, they are gone forever!
        The first 3 limited edition prints are shown below. They are selling for only $12.oo each plus $2.oo for shipping and handling! Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a real collectors item
Send your check or money order to:
   Tim Corrigan
   10545 Co Rt 15, Fillmore NY 14735
   Allow 10 days - 2 weeks for delivery
    These episodes have never before been seen or published in full color! These early episodes are sure-fire collectors items! Other episodes will be released as limited edition prints as the series progresses! WE WILL ALSO BE SELLING THE ORIGINAL ART! iF YOU ARE A FAN OR COLLECTOR - PLEASE INQUIRE! 


The premiere episode of ALLEGHENY MAN -  in full color!


The 2nd installment of the series - the ORIGIN, in which ALLEGHENY MAN is first given his extraordinary powers by the ancient Indian Spirit!


This 3rd episode contains the VERY FIRST appearance of ALLEGHENY MAN in full costume! A very limited edition of full color prints is available, and they will never be reprinted in this format again! Prints are shipped flat and matted! Only $12.00 plus $2.oo shipping each!
AND, as if these color prints weren't cool enough, we are pleased to offer pages of the ORIGINAL ART to the ALLEGHENY MAN comic strip. Episodes #2-52 are all available to any interested persons Inquire from:
I'll get back to you with a price as soon as possible - most episodes average between $50.oo and $100.oo for the ORIGINAL ART!

Rural America's GREEN hero!