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Allegheny Man

Our Story Thus Far
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Our Story Thus Far
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  Here are samples from the first several episodes of ALLEGHENY MAN.    I will post full episodes only AFTER they have appeared in newspapers. If you are a newspaper editor, this will give you a good idea of what's coming your way!

   (below: panels 1,3,4 from episode 1)
   It began as a simple walk in the woods for Jason Hunter, but the days that change our lives forever always begin just like any other day. A deer jumps out in front of Jason and he falls backwards into an abandoned mine shaft. It seems like the end for Jason, but that is hardly the case!


(shown : panel 1, episode 2)
   Jason awakens at the bottom of a mine in a cave system. Miraculously, he is unhurt. He hears a sound and turns on his flashlight. A mysterious figure forms out of the mist and  informs Jason that he is "the chosen one because he was led to this sacred place." Jason is frightened and resists, but the mysterious Indian Spirit releases a bolt of energy that transforms Jason Hunter!


   This page will be completely re-built after these episodes begin running in newspapers.  These are here just to give newspaper editors an idea of what ALLEGHENY MAN is all about and so that they can determine if this feature will resonate with their readers.
  If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. Email to:
   As the strip progresses, we have developed a whole arsenal of eco-villians for Allegheny Man to Battle! We have secondary characters, sub plots, and a love interest for Jason . We've got Action, adventure, mystery, suspense - everything you'd expect from a quality comics feature, and more! And there is an environmental slant to this stories that will certainly resonate with the GREEN consciousness sweeping America!
   ALLEGHENY MAN  is a NEW hero for a NEW era!

Rural America's GREEN hero!